A Guide for the Prudent Hospice Clinician


Use this compact, 100 page, go-to volume of important Federal hospice regulations in your daily care of hospice patience and families. A comprehensive resource that’s easy to use to find information quickly!

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WHAT: This guide provides the least you need to know about how the regulations and guidelines apply to your daily care of hospice patients and families. We also provide the number of the associated Condition of Participation, where applicable, and links to more information with suggested web search key words.

WHY: Hospice rules, regs and best practices are located in dozens of different sources, buried in legal jargon and information that doesn’t necessarily apply to the field clinician. There are also some hospice myths out there that create barriers to access and unnecessary work. This Guide will help you wade through the jargon and get useful information for your work.

WHEN: Use the Guide daily as you write notes and plan care, weekly at Interdisciplinary Team meetings and whenever a new employee begins work.

HOW: The Guide is easy to use! Check the table of contents and get the information you need in seconds, along with where to go for more information.

Hospice Fundamentals subscribers can access webinars, detailed information updates and tools on all of the topics in this guide at: www.hospicefundamentals.com and receive live compliance guidance at heretohelp@hospicefundamentals.com

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