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Resources designed to work in perfect harmony to provide subscribers essential information, education, and tools for success.


Clear, concise and timely e-mail communications bring subscribers the latest compliance and regulatory information.

Content is distilled into straight-forward easy-to-read English and presented in a consistent and logical format so readers know what to expect. Here’s an example FYI. 

For notices and alerts requiring little analysis, we send Quick Updates – short e-mail communications that get right to the point. We respect your inbox. 

Actions of a Prudent Hospice™

We don’t stop with just information. Each FYI and webinar include the Actions of a Prudent Hospice™ – guidance in what steps to take next.

It’s one of the subscription benefits that sets Hospice Fundamentals apart – real life, pragmatic suggestions from experts with years of regulatory, compliance and operational experience that are applicable to hospices of all sizes.

And, depending on the topic, we’ll often also provide tools to assist you. Take a look at one here. 

Monthly Webinars

 Can’t make that time? All webinars are recorded and can be accessed at the listener’s convenience.

Watch as a group or individually – whichever works better for you and your hospice. There is no limit on number of sign-ons.

Take a look at the 2024 monthly schedule – and note that we leave topics for some months open so that we can easily address new areas that come up throughout the year. We also add extra ones throughout the year – if it’s needed, we’ll do it.

Subscribers enjoy monthly webinars on timely topics – join us on the second Friday of every month at 1:00 ET.

Individual Regulatory Support & Guidance

Need advice or guidance for specific situations or conundrums?

We offer two subscription levels – subscribers choosing a Tier 2 subscription enjoy access to “as-needed” regulatory and operational expertise and support for a small additional monthly fee.

Questions can range from small – “I know I read this somewhere, can you help me find it?” – to large “We just discovered that we may have not been doing this quite right; what do we do now?” And sometimes, you just need someone to help you think through the best process.

Compliance is a big job and it is nice to know you have someone to turn to when you need that extra support. Tier 2 brings an extra level of confidence and assistance.

I get my staff to ask Hospice Fundamentals instead of sending all their questions to me. That’s a big plus. Oh, and not to mention the education and TOTs. If you don’t sign up you’re crazy!
Theresa Hipp, MBA-HCM, BSN, RN
Director of Clinical Operations, Hospice, Redeemer Health Homecare and Hospice

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Pennies per patient day with pricing based on ADC to make it affordable for hospices of every size.
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HF provides valuable information via their Website, Monthly Webinars, Conferences/Workshops, Tools of the Trade announcements—in addition to Here to Help emails, or phone responses, to individualized questions!
Fran Bell, RN, BSN, CHPN
Chief Compliance Officer, Big Bend Hospice, Inc.


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