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The staff at Hospice Fundamentals consistently go the extra mile to provide accurate, thorough and timely information--in an easily understandable and kind manner! They provide valuable information via their Website, Monthly Webinars, Conferences/Workshops, Tools of the Trade announcements—in addition to Here to Help emails, or phone responses, to individualized questions! I highly recommend Hospice Fundamentals because of their expertise, accessibility, reliability and professionalism!
Fran Bell, RN, BSN, CHPN
Chief Compliance Officer, Big Bend Hospice, Inc.
Hospice Fundamentals was a condition of employment for me. I don’t know how any one person or agency full of people can know everything about the regulations and also think through the practical applications of those regulations without a consultant like Hospice Fundamentals in their corner.

Within my team when we disagree on an interpretation we’ll send it right to Hospice Fundamentals for clarity. Hospice Fundamentals cuts through the “well we’ve always done it this way” fog and really shows the clear guidelines to follow.

I think a lot of time is probably wasted in unnecessary processes that are hangovers from past understandings of how to follow the regulations. I like to keep our processes as lean as possible so that we are easily meeting regulatory compliance and spending as little time as possible doing so. I would never go back to doing the research myself.

Another thing, I get my staff to ask Hospice Fundamentals instead of sending all their questions to me. That’s a big plus. Oh, and not to mention the education and TOTs.

If you don’t sign up you’re crazy!
Theresa Hipp, MBA-HCM, BSN, RN
Director of Clinical Operations, Hospice, Redeemer Health Homecare and Hospice
We are loyal subscribers to Hospice Fundamentals because we have experienced firsthand how their monthly webinars and Tools of the Trade improved our compliance and survey results.

Their guidebooks are clear and easy to understand. Their website contents tons of up-to-date resources. The best part of Hospice Fundamentals is their focus on all the roles in interdisciplinary team, not just clinical.
Angie Meyer, Clinical Manager
Gundersen Health System