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2022 Webinars
Medical Necessity of Physician Visits
While physician services are indeed separately billable above and beyond the daily hospice care rates, the rules governing these payments are often misunderstood. This in-depth webinar will navigate the underlying requirements of medical necessity when providing these services in hospice. In addition to discussing routine medical services we will explore coupling these services with the Medicare required face-to-face encounter and cover the relevance of Advance Care Planning and other non-traditional coding and billing opportunities.
Chris Acevedo, Principal, Hospice Fundamentals 
Daily Operations that Reduce Risk!
This session takes a deeper dive, using the platform we started on last month regarding medical review audits. This month, we will take those standards, and look at how our day-to-day operations can increase your risks in audit, or support your compliance and secure your payment! We will look at everything from intake, to assessments, IDG processes and the discharge plan, and how quality of care and operations will overlap survey and payment. This is a “can’t miss session” as we provide the “real world” takeaways that you can start applying at your agency today!
Annette Lee, RN, MS, HCS-D, COS-C, Hospice Fundamentals

A Day in the Life of a Hospice Medical Review Nurse

Ever wonder how an auditor reviews your records? In this session, a former Medical Review Nurse will describe, in detail, how your hospice records are reviewed when you have an ADR, or other payment audit. A checklist and hierarchy will be provided. So, you can challenge yourself to the test of medical review, before the auditors do!

 Speaker: Annette Lee, RN, MS, HCS-D, COS-C, Hospice Fundamentals