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Date # Title External Materials Tools
9/9/09 1.1 Be Aware of: OIG Report OEI-02-06-00221 Medicare Hospice Care for Beneficiaries in Nursing Facilities: Compliance with Medicare Coverage Requirements OIG Report OEI-02-06-00221
9/9/09 1.2 Be Aware of: Memorandum Report OEI-02-06- 00223 OIG Report 02-06-00223
9/23/09 1.3 Be Aware of: Medicare State Operations Manual (SOM) Revisions of Sections 2080-2089 Survey & Cert Letter09_58
10/23/09 1.4 Be Aware of: 2010 OIG Work Plan The FY 2010 Plan
5/17/10 2.1 RAC 101 Open Door Forum CMS RAC Website Open Door Call Handouts RAC Contractors
5/26/10 2.2 Be Aware of: Top 10 Survey Deficiencies (Part 1)
6/2/10 2.3 Be Aware of: Continuous Care Provided to Skilled Nursing Facility Residents Medicare Claims Processing Manual, Chapter 11
6/9/10 2.4 FYI: Report on CMS Outreach Call on OIG Reports on Hospice Care in the Nursing Facility
6/23/10 2.5 Be Aware of: CR 6698: Signature Requirements CR 6698 MLM 6698
7/12/10 2.6 FYI: OIG Hospice Activity in Massachusetts Unexpected Government Investigations: What to Do When the Government Visits Your Health Care Organization Reinhart Law E-Newsletter 1/2007
7/15/10 2.7 Be Aware of: Top 10 Survey Deficiencies (Part 2) Top 10 Hospice Medicare Survey Deficiency Tool
7/18/10 2.8 Be Aware of: Proposed Rule Impacting Certs & Recerts Proposed Rule
7/21/10 2.9 Be Aware of: Additional Information – The Face-to- Face Encounter Proposed Rule Proposed Changes (Table & Mark-Up Form) A Few Q&As
8/7/10 2.10 Be Aware of: CR 6905 & The Q Codes – The List Is Getting Longer CR 6905
8/30/10 2.11 FYI: Don’t Believe Everything You Read
10/5/10 2.12 Be Aware of: OIG Memorandum Report – Questionable Billing for Physician Services for Hospice Beneficiaries (OEI-02-06-00224) OIG Report OEI-02-06-00224
10/26/10 2.13 Be Aware of: OIG FY 2011 Work Plan The Work Plan Missouri Hospice/LTC Plan of Care Task Guide Missouri Hospice/LTC Plan of Care Task Form OIG Fiscal Year Work Plan: Hospice Items Hospice Fundamentals NF Audit Tool
11/9/10 2.14 Be Aware of: Face-to-Face Encounter – Part I FFE Final (Hospice pages only) FFE Subpart B
11/16/10 2.15 Be Aware of: Face-to-Face Encounter Part II The Final Rule The Process Table Form Element Check List Recertification Roadmap
11/29/10 2.16 Be Aware of: Face-to-Face Encounter Part III FFE Grid
12/22/10 2.17 Be Aware of: Timely Filing Requirements CR 6960
1/5/11 3.1 Be Aware of: The Little Things [Signature and Dating Requirements] Signature Requirements
2/1/11 3.2 Be Aware of: Certification / Recertification Pre- Billing Monitoring See Reissue on 2/18/2011
2/7/11 3.3 FYI: Comparative Billing Reports Sample Hospice CBR SafeGuard LLC Hospice CBR FAQ Be Aware of: CR 6905 and The Q codes
2/15/11 3.4 FYI: Proposed Rule for Expanded Notification to Patients Regarding Right to Lodge Complaints CoP §418.52(b) & L Tag 505 The Medicare Quality Improvement Organizations – A Very Brief History
2/18/11 Be Aware of: Recertification Pre-Billing Monitoring (Updated and Reissued version of 2/1/2011 Be Aware) Recertification Monitoring Checklist
3/15/11 3.5 Be Aware of: Updated Medicare Policy Manual CR 7337 MLN Matters for CR 7337
3/23/11 3.6 FYI: Comparative Billing Report Education Call Presentation Handout
3/30/11 3.7 Be Aware of: Further Face-to-Face Clarifications CMS FAQs
4/7/11 Face-to-Face Enforcement Date Clarification
4/14/11 3.8 Be Aware of: Face-to-Face Update Updated Recertification Monitoring Checklist
5/20/11 3.9 Be Aware of: Hospice FY 2012 Wage Index Proposed Rule Proposed Rule
6/6/11 3.10 FYI: The Rule Making Process
6/23/11 3.11 FYI: HEAT Compliance Provider Trainings